New Yorker

Illustrations for a series written by prisoners about their experiences being incarcerated. 

The New York Times

A piece about the International Criminal Court and how some countries want to leave. Art Direction by Nathan Huang.

New Yorker


An illustration to accompany a brilliant piece of prose poetry: 'Gobsmacked' by Edward Hoagland. Art Direction by Rina Kushnir.

Sunday Times

The Singa Hamata spider for Simon Barnes's weekly nature column. Art Direction by Mat Gill.

New Internationalist


An Illustration to go alongside a short story by Efemia Chela : The Lake Reba Murder.  Art Direction by Chris Brazier.

ByFaith Magazine

A spot illustration for an article about Christians fleeing Syria. Art Direction by Tiffany Forrester. 

John Hopkins Magazine

A fun commission for John Hopkins Magazine about urban farming and the benefits it brings to communities.  Art Direction my Pam Li.

Secrets of the Sea

I am very excited to announce that my book, Secrets of the Sea is due to be published on the 8th of September. Written by Kate Baker and published by Big Picture Press

'This book takes you on a journey from the rock pools along the shoreline to the deepest darkest depths of the ocean, to discover an incredible and rarely seen world. 

Breathtaking illustrations reveal the creatures that live there - from the microscopic and the bizarre to the fragile and the deadly - in all their startling beauty' 

You can pre order a copy here


New Yorker

A piece for the New Yorker from a while back on online harassment in Pakistan.